Membership of the Association:
Bangladesh Survey & Valuation Companies, Firms & Individual Concern Association(BSVA). Persons have similar consent with the objective of the association can be able to apply for the membership to the president of association with specified fee/contribution in specified form. Membership of the association shall be given if the application accepted by Executive Council.

Management & Control of the association:
(a) Management of the association is responsibility of executive council of the Association.
(b) To maintain & manage of all activities of the Association would form the executive council consist of post for specified period as
1. President (one). 2. Sr. Vice-President, 3.Vice-President (two), 4. General Secretary (one), 5. Assistant General Secretary (two), 6. Organizing Secretary (one), 7. Assistant Organizing Secretary (one), 8. Treasurer (one), 9. Asst. Treasurer Executive council will be with 11 members & board of directors will be of twenty two members & executive member would be elected for two times.
(c) Amongst members of executive council one will be elected as legal adviser for the better management of the Association & it will be extended later on. The association will assists to form executive council in all aspect.

Eligibility to secure membership of the association:
The person having no party ideology & neutral persons have similarity with objectives & ideology of the association & constitution agree to serve & abide by all regulation & rules of the association is eligible to secure membership of the association. To secure membership the documents to be required are (1) trade license, (2) Incorporation certificate issued by Joint Stock Registrar, (3) Voter ID card for each director, (4) TIN & VAT registration certificate, (5) to have one registered office, (6) to have at least two survey expert engineers.

Disqualification to the membership:
Relations with any political party/leader, persons have criticism, service holder, have relation with other association will not be able to secure membership of this association. The executive council reserves the right to sacrifice this condition in special cases.

Termination of membership of the association:
Membership of the association would be terminated with reason mentioned below. (1) Due of contribution in specified amount, (2) absence in three consecutive meetings, (3) In case of any act contrary to the interest of the association, (4) in case of expiry of member/become mad or punished by any court of law, (5) willingly if resign from the post, (6) if expelled any member of the association, (7) accused for corruption, (8) violation of any section/clause of constitution of the association, (9) in case of job with pay in any project under the association, (10) in case of termination of nomination by authority, (11) in expiry of validity authorized by the authority.

Resign from the membership of the association:
All members required submit/serve notice to the president/secretary of the association with 15 days & if the executive council accepts not the resignation, he will be treated as member. Subject to accept the application of resign, the post would be treated as vacant.

Repost in the membership of the association: To repost in the post of the association required to submit application to the executive council & accordance to the decision of executive council he/she will reposted in the post. Only expelled members would be reposted.

Power & responsibility of executive council of the Association: Executive council is the supreme council for any power & will perform below activities: a) Subject to approval of 1/3 (one third) members present in any general meeting, to proper management of the association will compile rules, regulations, bylaws, modification, revision etc. and will take such initiatives. b) With interest of the association will be able to purchase, sale, rent out & any other kind of settlement for the assets of the association & to receive, maintenance development of such assets & properties any other. c) To implement the objectives of the association, can invest money in any business, association if deed fit by the council. d) To open & maintain bank account with any scheduled bank in name of the association. e) Can take legal action to secure interest, reputation of the association & maintain the same. f) To maintain projects of the association & supervise the same can form sub-committees. Beside these, to maintain activities of the association & urgent resolve can authorize any person for & on behalf of the association & to vested such responsibilities to any other association. g) Select officials for the association & recruit new members/persons for ordinary membership. h) Recruit of staffs for the association, maintain, vesting duty & supervision. i) With interest of the association taking responsibility of any association & projects. j) In case of involvement in any activity subversive to the interest of the association, can expel from the post of executive council & recruit new members in said post. k) In case of expiry of any member of executive council of the association or if resign from the post or expelled with proper reason, to recruit new member in the post. To take any initiative to preserve interest of the association.

Power & responsibility of the president of the association:
1. He is constitutional chief of the association. He will preside in all meetings of the association being the president; 2. He will motivate the members of the association in all aspect. Specially he will take initiative to motivate the members to abide by the constitution of the association. 3. He will must notify all aspect related to the association & will explain in required place. 4. In case of need to forward any representative in country or abroad due to purpose of the association, subject to discussion with executive council will take decision & will take permission of board of directors. 5. He will take all decisions of the association. Subject to approval of executive council those will be implemented.

Power & responsibilities of Sr. vice – president:
In absence of the president he/she will supervise all activities of the association & will assist in all development works of the association. Bank management of enlistment to carry and development, any complain of management well be take action and decision.

Power & responsibilities of vice – president:
In absence of the Sr. vice – president he/she will supervise all activities of the association & will assist in all development works of the association. To Control of all cost of the Association.

Duty & responsibility of general Secretary:
1. With organizational procedure, he the constitutional chief of the association & moving power, hence to resolve all works properly is his responsibility. 2. To maintain income-expenditure accounts of the association, maintain ledgers, file records & all accessories is his responsibility. 3. Subject to discussion with the president, he will call meetings of the association & implement the decisions of such meetings. 4. His signature is must in all notice/call of general meeting. 5. He will contribute with skills to execute all activities of the association & invent better management procedure. Specially, to strengthening the financial position of the association will execute all activities of the association with consent of president of the association.

Power & responsibilities of assistant general secretary:
In absence of general secretary will supervise all activities of the general secretary & assists the general secretary in all aspect related in development of the Association. Any law corresponding will take and discussion with board meeting.

Duty & responsibilities of Treasurer:
1. Basic duty of cashier is to maintain accounts of the association & will preserve the same. He will perform this responsibility subject to advice of the president & general secretary of the association & will maintain correspondence always with them. With consent of president & secretary will resolve any mistake. 2. To maintain annual accounts of the association, he will supply information to the president & secretary in this matter. 3. In all vouchers, he must sign. Beside this, he will supervise whether subscriptions are deposited in cash or not in time & proper procedure & in case of any irregularity, will notify the president & secretary. 4. To increase fund of the association, will take initiative to motivate the members of the association & find new sources. 5. He will take care of fund & accessories of the association. 6. Will deposit registration fee Tk.15,000/-(fifteen thousand) & annual subscription Tk. 2400/- (two thousand four hundred) only.